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Typical Projects

The following is a representative list of engineering projects in the water supply or waste water areas that were completed by Nova Dynamics, one of its predecessor firms or as a sub - consultant for another firm. A brief description of the project and the owner’s name are also presented.

  1. Michelin Tires North America, Granton Plant - STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) Flow Equalization Upgrade - February 2002: This project involved the addition of two new variable speed drives as well as level and flow controls to enable a constant process flow for waste water treatment at a large manufacturing site. This project also included an upgrade to the alarm system and PLC controls upgrade.
  2. Town of Antigonish - SCADA System Upgrade – Nov. 2001: A new computer platform and implementation of software optimization for the existing waste water treatment plant “RSView 32” SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system at the town hall (central station) was provided by NDL.
  3. Town of Stellarton - Water Treatment Plant, Raw Water Pump Drive Upgrade – February 2001: A new variable speed drive was installed in order to modulate the raw water flow into the existing water treatment plant. An advanced cascade control strategy was implemented on the existing PLC system to prevent upsets to the clarifier process or overflow at the treated water storage well.
  4. Municipality Of Pictou County – Abercrombie Pumping Station - Nov. 1997: Preliminary design was completed for the controls and electrical power service for a waste water pumping station.
  5. Town of New Glasgow - Arch Street Water Booster Station – Sept. 1997: Provided electrical power system analysis and trouble shooting services for water supply pumps and controllers.
  6. Stora Port Hawkesbury – Effluent Plant Inlet Pumping Station, pH Control and H2S Gas Monitoring System –March 1997: NDL provided detail design for an automatic caustic (neutralization) addition system. A toxic gas monitoring and alarm system for the controls was also implemented.
  7. Town of Antigonish – Inlet Pumping Station - 1997: This project involved the electrical power and controls design and construction management for a new waste water pumping station and treatment plant for the Town of Antigonish. The project included PLC controlled variable speed pumps for wet well level control and integration of existing controls. Station process data and status are transmitted by a wireless system to a central SCADA system located at the town hall.
  8. Town of Antigonish – Sewage Treatment Plant – 1997: This project involved the electrical and controls design for a waste water treatment plant including air compressors, sand filters and UV disinfecting equipment. The controls consist of analog instrumentation as well as PLC and wireless process and status information transmitted to a central SCADA system located at the town hall.
  9. Town of Stellarton – Water Treatment Plant, Raw Water Flow Calibration - 1996: This project included the addition of a PLC for proportional control of raw water inlet and treated water outlet flows.
  10. Central Colchester County – Savage Island Sewage Treatment Plant – 1993 to 1995: This project consisted of the design of the controls and instrumentation and construction management for all three phases of the sewage treatment plant including the inlet pumping station, SBR treatment plant and sludge handling facility. The controls consist of a “Control View” electronic operator interface and distributed PLC controls for all three phases of the project.
  11. Stora Port Hawkesbury – Raw Water Treatment Plant Controls Upgrade - 1996: NDL provided the design and construction supervision for the replacement of all the controls including a new control panel. Four new chemical feed pumps were installed and new analytical instrumentation provided.
  12. Scott Maritimes Limited - Boat Harbour Effluent Treatment Plant – 1995: Electrical power study and transformer replacement as well as design upgrade for aeration motors.
  13. Town of Trenton – Water Booster Station Electrical Service - 1995: Provided the design for electrical power service and local controls.
  14. Halifax Water Commission - PockWock Lake Water Treatment Plant - 1995: Provided project as - built drawings and documentation for an electrical and instrumentation controls upgrade project completed by an on site contractor for water supply treatment plant for a contractor.
  15. Slemon Park, P.E.I. – Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade – 1991: provided electrical power and controls design including new PLC for a sewage treatment plant refurbishment.
  16. East River Pollution Abatement System, Trenton, NS – Compressor Building Upgrade Project – 1992: provided engineering design for measuring dissolved oxygen and control of air compressors for sewage treatment plant.
  17. East River Pollution Abatement System, Trenton, NS – Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade Project – 1990: provided engineering design and specifications for upgrade to existing sewage treatment plant.
  18. East River Pollution Abatement System – Sewage Lift Stations – 1986 - 1991: provided engineering design and specifications for electrical power and controls for installation of several sewage collection and pumping stations.
  19. Town of Stellarton – Water Treatment Plant Water and Reservoir Upgrade - 1987; Provided New PLC based controls and monitoring instrumentation for upgrade and installation of new clarifier and sand filter for existing water treatment plant.
  20. Scott Maritimes Limited – Effluent Pumping and Monitoring System – 1990: Provided design and construction supervision for upgrade to the electrical power and controls for the effluent pumping station including new instrumentation for monitoring toxic gases as well as process flow measurements.


Contact these organizations for information on any of the above listed projects.

KCNS or Scott Maritimes
Stora Port Hawkesbury Limited
Michelin North America

Turnkey Project includes engineering, materials, installation and commissioning.


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