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Typical Projects

The following are typical instrumentation & process control projects completed by Nova Dynamics Limited in recent years. Client references and contact information is provided at the end of this document.  

  • Offshore platform fuel filter skid instrumentation controls - Mulgrave Machining
  • Industrial boiler, multi-burner, natural gas (duel fuel oil and gas) firing controls - Stora Enso
  • Natural gas metering station SCADA system Stora Enso
  • Implementation of DCS based, plant wide steam distribution control system - Stora Enso
  • Upgrade of steam plant controls to digital devices with DCS operator interface - Stora Enso
  • Power Boiler - Instrumentation and electrical control system modernization - Scott Maritimes
  • Bleach Plant - Instrumentation and electrical control system modernization - Scott Maritimes
  • Chip screening and handling system - power distribution and controls - Kimberly Clarke Nova Scotia
  • Wood yard reclaim and wood species blend system - Stora Enso
  • Paper machine - web inspection (vision) system implementation - Stora Enso
  • Paper machine - threading system pneumatic and electrical control implementation - Stora Enso
  • Paper machine - sheet moisture control system implementation - Stora Enso
  • Evaporator System Upgrade - power and control Systems design - Scott Maritimes
  • Mixed bed demineralizer - PLC control and instrumentation - Scott Maritimes
  • Operator interface selection and evaluation for process control - Scott Maritimes
  • Steam stripper process control and power distribution - Scott Maritimes
  • UPS system for paper mill critical controls implementation - Stora Enso
  • Water treatment plant electrical power & control - Stora Enso
  • Steam temperature control system for plant wide steam distribution - Stora Enso
  • Remote ambient air monitoring sites (radio links) - Kimberly Clarke Nova Scotia
  • Remote ambient air monitoring (telephone link) - Stora Enso
Contact these organizations for information on any of the above listed projects.

KCNS or Scott Maritimes
Stora Port Hawkesbury Limited
Michelin North America

Turnkey Project includes engineering, materials, installation and commissioning.


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